I write code standards, best practices, and accessibility that lives in the cloud.
Below is a growing list of projects I have shipped across various technologies.


Real estate app to make it easy for users to search for homes for sale and rent.


(Web3) app that let users follow the last cryptocurrencies costs, news and trends.


Open Source project to make small components with tips and trick to build large projects.

Google Clone

A search engine like Google where you can search for news, images, videos and etc.

MyReads Tracking App

A bookshelf app that allows you to select and categorize books you have read, are currently reading, or want to read.

Daily Movies

Dailymovies requires a user account to watch newer movies and a section for your favorite movies.

Greatest Pizza

Online pizza ordering app. It’s very simple; clients choose their favorite pizza in a matter of clicks.


A web app that uses google map api to help users discovering some of the most famous tourist places in Minia city. Also user can search and filter the results he/she wants

Restaurant Reviews App

A mobile-ready web application and responsive user experience on different sized displays and accessible for screen reader use. Also it works offline.

MoSalah Tribute Page

Its one of Free Code Camp Responsive Web Design Projects.

Memory Game

A complete browser-based card matching game. The game board consists of sixteen "cards" arranged in a grid.

Star Math Game

Pick 1 or more numbers that sum to the number of stars

To see a full directory of another projects, Check out my GitHub

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